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We can customise the colours as per your instructions. There is an option to choose the colour when adding any daisy to the cart. You can add your instructions at the checkout, too.


Single Daisy 

3.7 cms / Code:DBB
AUD 1.00

Small Daisies

Two Daisies ( Small )

3 cms / Code:DDD
AUD 1.60

Mini Daisies

Two Daisies ( Mini)

2 cms / Code:DGG
AUD 1.00

Large Daisy Variation

Single Large Daisy Variation

5 cms / Code:DHH
AUD 2.80

Medium Daisy Variation

Single Medium Daisy Variation

3 cms / Code:DII
AUD 1.80

Small Daisy Variation

Single Small Daisy Variation

2.5 cms / Code:DJJ
AUD 1.40